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Vacuum Slimming Machine (with Roller Lipo Massager)

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Vacuum Slimming Machine with Roller Lipo Massager

 Vacuum Slimming Machine with Roller Lipo Massager
Details information


 The Vans8 is a vacuum roller lipo massager slimming machine that stimulates 

tissue from the surface of the skin to trigger a biological reaction within the 

body. The weight loss treatment process is painless, non-invasive and 

non-aggressive. The vacuum suction helps grip the skin tissue, while the air jet 

system releases the skin and helps keep the body cool. The stimulation process 

helps treat fatty deposits, cellulite, slackening skin, fibrosis, inflammation, 

edema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency and helps with injury recovery among 

many other applications. Skin treatment devices such as this slimming device 

help patients feel better about themselves in terms of health and appearance.


Typical Modes & Function


Body Beauty: Android lipomassage treatment, ganoid lipomassage treatment, 

cellulite, smoothing treatment, body firming treatment.

 Fitness: Preparation treatment, recovery treatment 

 Health: Fibrosis, inflammation, edema, lymphodema, venous insufficiency. 

 Sport: Ligament tendon injuries, preparation, recovery. 

 Spa: Lipo sculpting treatment, cellulite smoothing treatment. 

 Aesthetic medical: pre- and post-liposuction, pre- and post-lifting

Comparison of LPG M6, Vans8 and Normal Chinese vacuum Slimming Device  

Other Character Of Vans8


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