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Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

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K11 Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

K11 Fractional CO2 Laser Machine
Details information

1. What is the Fractional Laser

 CO2 Fractional Laser technology is a kind minimal invasive treatment, which is 

the latest and hottest skin care technology in USA. Our fractional CO2 laser 

machine is designed based on this technology. 

2. The range of treatment

 fractional CO2 laser machine can be used to treat any parts of the body. For 

instance, it can be used for the treatment of acne scars, eliminate 

pigmentation, surgical scars, wound scars, burn scars, wrinkles, skin laxity, 

Vagina Tightening, etc.

3. Technical parameters of fractional CO2 laser machine

 Diameter of Spot: 0.2mm

 Spot Spacing: 0.2-2mm

 Wavelength: 10600nm

 Peak Power: 800W

 Pulse duration 100μm-10ms (Adjustable)

 Laser output modes: Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat Pulse, Ultra Pulse.

 Aiming Beam: 5mw Diode

 Control: Touch Screen

 Out Put Frequency: 1-1000Hz

 Electrical: 230/220V

 Scanner Weight: 0.7/1.5kg (Optional)

 Cooling: Water

 Scanner Size: 60*60*40mm

 Power: 15W

4. Advantage

 (1) The fractional CO2 laser machine has self-diagnosis function. When there is 

any problem during operation, the beauty machine will stop automatically so as 

to ensure safety and equipment damage.

 (2) There are two treatment modes. 

 Mode A is scanned dot by dot, and this model is used for the treatment of 

serious scars. The treatment is fast. 

 Mode B is scanned with dot irregularly. This model used for the treatment of 

scars that are not serious. Clients feel less pain when using Mode B. 

 (3) There are nine different graphics, and the size of the Graphics is 

adjustable. For the treatment of different size scar, you can find the suitable 

graphic in this fractional CO2 laser machine. 

 (4) Low cost. 

 Firstly, the body of our fractional CO2 laser machine is made using ABS 

environmental friendly material, which is static free. Then, the CO2 glass tube 

is a key component of CO2 laser beauty machines. Our fractional CO2 laser 

machine is equipped with glass tube acquired from Germany, which ensure good 

treatment effect and long service life. 

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