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PDT Skin Rejuvenation Equipment (with Acne Treatment Function)

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L-800S PDT Skin Rejuvenation Equipment (with Acne Treatment Function)

L-800S PDT Skin Rejuvenation Equipment (with Acne Treatment Function)
Details information


Red light effect:

 Photon led skin rejuvenation


 Skin rejuvenation

 Skin tightening

 Collagen promotion

 Skin whitening

 Skin lifting

 Pigmentation removal (freckles, chloasma age spots, and sunburn)

Blue light effect:

 LED Acne removal

 415nm LED facial rejuvenation

 Inflammation diminishment

 Purify skin 

 Repair skin damaged from tattoos, or injured from laser use

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 Model No.: L-800S 

 Type of light sources: LED gene biological wave light sources 

 Wavelength: 633nm (red light); 415nm (blue light) 

 LED Panel Size: 44*10*6*7 groups 

 One panel includes 480pcs lamp, including 240pcs red lamps and 240pcs blue 


 Total LED Lamps: 3360pcs (with same quantity of red and blue lamps)

 Intensity of Red Lamp: 125mw

 Intensity of Blue Lamp: 100mw

 LED spot diameter: 5mm

 Operating temperature of lamp: -30 to 85℃

 Power supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz

 Treatment head size: 44*70*10cm

 Body height: 160cm

 Net weight: 120kg

3. Main Characteristics of IPL L800s

 1. The all LED lamp is from the famous Japanese brand Nicha. It uses a 

specialized energy in order to ensure the wavelength is correct, and give the 

rejuvenation machine is high quality and has a long service life. 

 2. The lamp is a 3,360 piece LED lamp. The LED head can be adjusted up or down, 

as well as to lay flat or curve. It is used for treatment on the face or body. 

The connectors are imported from the United States, and the panel can rotate up 

to 360 degrees. 

 3. The shell is made using a mold, and not by hand.

 4. It is fashionable and features a high level outlook. 

 5. The beauty machine features an intelligent control display system. 

 6. The IPL system operates in 3 modes: red light on, blue light on, blue + red 

light on

 7. MCE, CE and ISO13485 certified, and a 1 year guarantee. 

 8. As one of the largest PDT machine manufacturers in China we offer 

competitive pricing, and excellent quality.

 9. We introduced the L800 onto the market in 2011, and now more than 30 

countries use IPL L800 machines. 

 10. We offer free training both on site at our facilities and online. 

 11. Vanoo Laser is a pioneer in the PDT beauty device field. 

 a. In 2005, Vanoo produced the first Chinese PDT device, model L 800, together 

with an American doctor. 

 b. In 2008, Vanoo produced handheld home use PDT devices for a Japanese 

distributor. Between 2008 and 2009, we sold over 20,000 machines. 

 c. In 2009, we worked with a French group of doctors to produce ODM model LED 7 

for a French distributor. 

 d. In 2010, we produced handheld home use SMD PDT devices for a South Korean 

company. The currently order 5,000 pieces/month.

4. Vanoo's After Sales Service

 1.Vanoo promises to repair or replace the machine for free if a quality problem 

is found within the first 24 months. 

 2.Vanoo employs 5 international engineers to offer 24 hour phone service to 

help clients solve problems. 

 3.If problems arise in the machines after the warranty period, Vanoo will 

assist clients in solving the problem quickly and efficiently. We will not 

charge for repairs. The only costs garnered will be of the spare part. 

 4.If the machine breaks during shipment, we will take steps to solve the 

problem. Most customers order shipping insurance with the product, in order to 

avoid losing money during rough transportation. We will work with you to help 

solve insurance claims and work with the insurance companies to get your money 

back in a timely manner.

 5.For distributors, our engineers can help repair the machines, or train your 

own engineers at your location. 

 5. The following is more information about Vanoo for your reference, including 


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