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Eye Care System

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Eye Care System

Eye Care System
Details information


 The Bonni eye care system is specially designed to remove dark circles, bags 

and wrinkles around the eyes by improving micro-circulation in the blood 

vessels. This is a complete eye beauty system with amazing eye skin 


2.Before and After 

3. Specification

 Input power: 50W

 Maximum output power: 20w

 Output Frequency: 3 MHz + 0.2 MHz

 Timer: 50-30M step by 5M

 Temperature: 37-45 Degree 

 Power: 220/110V, 50/60Hz

4. Main Characteristics of the Eye Care System

 Temperature Control Sensor: the temperature of the skin care device needs to 

stay at a certain level to maintain an absorption rate of active ingredients 

above 80%. It makes the eye treatment effective, safe and comfortable.

Multifunction electronic eye patch: Three component treatment, RF, massage and 

active ingredients.

High quality eye patches are one time use.

Portable and easy to carry: for both home and salon use.

5. Vanoo's After Sell Service 

 1.Within the first 24 months after purchase, Vanoo offers free repair or 


2.Vanoo's 5 international Engineers offer 24-hour service to solve customer 


3.If the machine has problems after the warranty expiration, Vanoo will help you 

solve the problem immediately and provide free service, only charging for 

replacement parts. 

4.If the equipment is damaged during shipment, we will take full responsibility 

and replace or repair the device. General our customers purchase insurance for 

shipping to help minimize losses.

5.For distributors, our engineers can travel to repair your equipment. We also 

offer onsite maintenance training.

6. Information about Vanoo Company for your reference.

7. Vanoo Factory

8. Vanoo Certificate

9. Vanoo Expo 


10. Vanoo Logistics

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